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How We're Different

How Our Concept Was Born

Before we started Ink Web Design, we called our competitors to see how they would respond to a small business with little or no web knowledge seeking to have a website built. Many were so busy they could not take on clients who had budgets of less than $5,000 - and the majority spoke in "tech."

Further research revealed tons of beautifully-designed websites lacking "power in words." Or, vice versa: powerfully-written websites with amateurish designs. There was definitely a void in web design firms covering all the bases.

With a background in advertising, we immediately recognized great web design meant nothing without efficient content development. That's why we decided to align our firm with Inkwell Editorial, a fast-growing editorial company, with New York City roots. Via Inkwell's online portal, we would have at our fingertips some of the best editorial talent in the world, putting muscle into developing killer content for our clients' sites.

When it was all said and done, we knew we had a winner with our concept for Ink Web Design: competitive pricing, techs who spoke in every-day language; and, killer content. (And, those larger firms now had somewhere to send all those small business clients with budgets under $5,000!)

The Ink Web Design Limerick

  1. We are different (and will remain so) because we target the grassroots entrepreneur (the backbone of our economy) who has little or no web knowledge.

  2. We are different (and will remain so) because we have devised a "no tech talk" policy so our clients actually know what we're talking about when it comes to their web development project.

  3. We are different (and will remain so) because we partner web design with content development for a powerful web presence.

  4. We are different (and will remain so) because we educate potential clients via our Seminars and Workshops and the "No Tech Talk Forum" so they are armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their website - whether they work with Ink Web Design or another firm.

  5. We are different (and will remain so) because we are dedicated to doing our part so technology does not leave our valued colleagues behind.
We are different... we are Ink Web Design.

See one version of the SBA's definition of small business owner and decide whether
you're a "small business" owner versus a grassroots entrepreneur. We use the
terms interchangeably on our site, but if you're curious, take a peek.

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