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Captain Mike

Click photo to enlarge.Captain Mike's Glass Bottom Boat
Mike's Glass Bottom Boat is located on Negril's 7-mile beach and services tourists from the cliffs to the sandy shores of Negril. A vital part of the tourist scene and a part of the natural fiber of the shores of Negril since the early 2000's, Mike and his crew provide a personalized and unique Jamaican experience.


Explore the Cliffs of Negril
If you're staying on the beach, don't leave Negril without visiting the cliffs and taking in the beauty of the caves. The unique impact of nature on the rock formations that are the cliffs is something to behold. Mike's Glass Bottom Boat can provide early morning, mid-day or early evening tours of the cliffs (surf permitting) and the mouths of the caves. Magical!

Visit the Coral Reef
Nature's water creatures are amazing! Experience the living coral reef during a mid-day boat tour. You'll enjoy a gentle ride out towards Booby Cay (a large island within view of the beach) where you can explore the beautiful reef system up close. (Many of the locals call Booby Cay "cat island" -- be sure to ask Captain Mike the story behind the nickname!)

The reef tour offers a nice outing for the entire family (children love it) -- or for individual travelers simply wanting to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the cliffs from afar. The boat will anchor near the reef, provide you with quality snorkeling equipment and let you swim with Negril's natural habitat. (Tip: Fish appear to love bread crumbs and may let you get near if you provide them with a snack!).

In addition to individual, customized tours all around the beach and beyond, Mike's Glass Bottom Boat offers several formal tour options. Click here to read more about the relaxing, beautiful tours for individuals, groups and families.


Meet Captain Mike and the Crew

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