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Ink Web Design's Website Maintenance program consists of updating existing client sites (adding new pages, miscellaneous changes, etc). The rate for site maintenance is $35 per hour (one hour minimum).

Please follow the steps below to have changes made to your existing website:

  1. Please contact us to discuss your changes via email.
  2. Ask your Ink Web Design representative for an estimate of maintenance charges and an estimate of turnaround time.
  3. Make payment below based on estimate received from Ink Web Design representative. Estimated maintenance payment must be received before updates are implemented.
  4. Check your website within turnaround time initially given to view implemented changes.

Please note: The turnaround time for updates is based on the type of request. Some changes can be implemented immediately; others can take from a few days to a few weeks. Please be thorough in your explanation of updates and requested changes in order that an accurate estimate is given.

You will be given an "estimate" of costs and turnaround time based on information provided initially. If costs and/or timeframe estimates are beyond those outlined initially, you will be contacted in advance.

Make Maintenance Payments Below
(Pay with MC, Visa, or Debit Card. Debit Card must hold MC or Visa emblem.)

1 Hour $ 35.00
2 Hours$70.00
3 Hours$105.00
4 Hours$140.00
5 Hours$175.00
6 Hours$210.00

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