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Pricing: Standard Packages

Standard Packages
Simple Sites® $250 Promo

The Standard Packages outlined below include the following (with the exception of the Level #1 Biz Card Website plan):

Level #1: "Biz Card" Website
Includes 1 email alias; proof existing content; 3 months hosting; domain name registration
1 Page From $250. Consider the Simple Site! promotion.
Level #2: Mini Brochure Website 2 Pages From $350. Consider the Simple Site! promotion.
Level #3: Brochure Website 3-4 Pages From $550. Consider the Simple Site! promotion.
Level #4: Defined Website 5-7 Pages From $750. Consider the Simple Site! promotion.
Level #5: Intermediate Website 8-10 Pages Please contact us to discuss.
Level #6: Intermediate Website 11+ Pages Please contact us to discuss.
*The Standard Packages above are for Static Websites
(no E-commerce, no Database Development)

E-commerce Pricing

Need E-commerce? Fill out our Quick Quote Form or full Intake Questionnaire. E-commerce depends on so many factors, but we use exisiting e-commerce solutions, so the rates remain affordable.

E-commerce Please contact us to discuss.

Breakdown of Standard Package Inclusions

Website Design: We design websites based on feedback Internet users have touted for year - clean, simple sites, easy to navigate. Our Standard Packages are perfect for giving your company a professional presence on the Web.

Ink Web Design will provide "bells and whistles" when the noise makes sense - and at a higher rate. See our Rate Card. Via associates with years of experience we can provide premium sites of varying scopes.

Content Development: We have partnered with Inkwell Editorial, a niche editorial staffing agency in New York, to make sure your website is top-notch editorially. Through Inkwell, we work with writers and editors with years of experience to give your website the editorial edge.

Simply provide us with literature about your company (i.e., company brochures, flyers, mailers, etc.), and we'll handle the rest.

If you need us to create content from scratch, please see our Rate Card for hourly rates on web writing.

Design of Graphic Header: We create what we call a graphic header for your website. Some call it a logo, we call it a "graphic header" for your website, for you may already have a company logo. The graphic header will set the tone for your website. If you'd like to eventually use your new graphic header as a logo, let us know. We can help you incorporate it into your current marketing material.

Photos/Graphics: Our Standard Packages account for using photos or graphics you have on hand. They can be digital photos or hard copies of photos or graphics that we can scan and resize as necessary. The cost of each Standard Package accounts for one graphic and/or per page. For example, if you have a five page site, we will work with five graphics and/or photos for you (placed anywhere on your website) at no additional charge. See our Rate Card for adding additional graphics or if you need us to set up a digital photo shoot.

Email Accounts: All of our Standard Packages include two email accounts (i.e., info@yourcompany.com; sales@yourcompany.com).

Domain Name Registration: We will help you secure a domain name and register it for one to ten years based on your preference. Our standard packages above include one year domain name registration. See our Rate Card for domain name registration fees beyond one year.

Host Registration: We will upload your files to our preferred host and secure your account for however many months you choose. The plans outlined in our Standard Packages include the first three months of hosting. Please see our Rate Card for more information on rates beyond three months.

Miscellaneous Services: If you need a website inclusive of something other than the above, see our Rate Card or feel free to contact us directly.
We look forward to working with you!

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