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Standard Packages
Simple Sites® $250 Promo

Domain Name Registration From $8.88 to $34.95 depending on registry.
Website Hosting Based on type of hosting site will require; first 3 months usu. included in packages.
Search Engine Registration
Submission to several top search engines and directories, as well as to effective smaller search engines and directories; strategic meta tag coding.
From $75 to $250; depends on no. of search engines.
Basic HTML Coding $35 per hour
Java/Pearl/CGI Up to $55 per hour
Flash Up to $55 per hour
Digital & Graphic Services
Digital Photo Shoot $35 per hour
Scan/Upload of Photos & Graphics $35 per hour
(includes resizing as necessary)
Graphic Header Creation $35 per hour
Logo Creation $35 per hour
Website Maintenance $35 per hour
Content Development Services
General Web Writing (from Scratch) $35 per hour
Technical Web Writing (Legal, Medical, Financial) $35 per hour
Editing/Re-writing Existing Website Content $35 per hour
Proofreading & Copyediting Existing Website Content $35 per hour
Industry Research for Website's Content Development $35 per hour
Word Processing Mass Website Content from Client Brochures, Etc. $25 per hour

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